Rideshare Hub Los Angeles

Hi and welcome to uberhubLosAngeles.com, where there are a few hubs, the main one is at 2400 Redondo, sorry 2400 Marine Boulevard in Redondo Beach in the South Bay. It’s a little bit out there so if you are anywhere on the west side of the valley, you know, count in an hour to an hour and a half drive. I know, it sucks but usually the entire experience will take you 3 hours round-trip, one and a half t 3 hours round trip. If you have general questions, I’m available 365 days a year. You have my email you have my text underneath this video. You can shoot off questions. I’m in LA, there’s nothing, nothing I don’t know in this city and I’m always open to share any and every bit of information as far as LA goes ,so that your job is better, so that you put more money in your pocket. That is my promise to any LA driver. So the link that I have beneath the video takes you to the address, the opening times. People usually go there for activation reasons or if they have been deactivated, if there are issues with the account, people have thrown up in your car, if you know, you had an accident. Those are the type of things you want to sort out at a hub, live, one-on-one with a person. Always write down the date and the time you were there and the person you spoke to. When you check in at the hub, they will text you the name and the desk number so you have it on record, who you spoke to. And if there’s something that help cannot help you with, escalate it to management but never ever leave the LA Hub without having all your questions answered, right. I’m persistent. Sometimes I just did not get the right answer from the helper, I will wait patiently for the management but I will never leave until I have a qualified answer from these guys, right. Ok, so those are the ins and outs of the Los Angeles Uber hub. General questions, send the my way. If you’re thinking of joining, I want to give you a very, very good tip here. If you’re going to activate your account at a hub, obviously you want to have your registration documents with you, of the car, insurance documents, your driver’s license and your banking details, those four details. But they will not give you a guarantee or a bonus if you sign up directly at a hub. The only way you can get that is if you get referred by another driver, by myself or by a friend that drives, okay. So follow my link underneath this video, sign up there, create an account. You can then upload those four bits of information directly to Uber. You save yourself a trip into the hub and on top of it you’re getting the guarantee or the bonus. If you have signed up at a hub and you still want to know how to get that bonus retroactively, again the details and the steps are underneath this video ladies and gentlemen. I’m excited to help you, LA is my city. The hotels, LAX, Hollywood, West Hollywood, the South Bay, the valley, Ventura, downtown, all the concerts, music events Amphitheater, Greek Theater Microsoft theatre, Staples Center, Rose Bowl, Forum. I will give you the scoop on all. That is my promise to you. Have a great day.

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